Public Retreats

The Community arranges a number of public retreats, quiet days and study days throughout the year.

Recommended charges from 2016 (review  Autumn 2019)

  • Weekend rates /monastic conductor. (Fri pm /Sun  Pm) – £85.00
  • Weekend rate (Fri  Pm /Sun  Pm) – £80.00
  • Overnight rate (includes meals) – £40.00
  • Daily rate, use of room. (Providing your own lunch) – £15.00
  • Daily rate, lunch, use of room. –  £20.00
  • Daily rate, lunch, use of room. With monastic conductor. – £25.00
  • Spiritual direction with lunch. – £5.00

Spiritual direction (when available) – N/A

Seasonal Retreats

Members of the Community lead quiet days for reflection at the beginning of each major, church season: Advent, Lent & Easter.

Daily rate, (Providing your own lunch) With monastic conductor. – £25.00

Icon Writing Retreats

Dom Anselm Shobrook conducts a very popular series of icon writing retreats throughout the year. All aspects of icon writing are covered, including gesso and gilding.

Icons: A beautiful film profiling the unique and private work of Dom Anselm Shobrook’s icon writing. One of six professed monks at Alton Abbey, Dom Anselm creates religious icons using traditional craft methods which raises the important question of what is art and what is craft? Iconography is derived from a spiritual belief. Is Dom Anselm passing more than technique onto new pupils?

Directed by Danny Weinstein
Produced by Katy Sheppard for Museum Visuals

Retreats for Oblates, Companions & Friends

Dom Timothy Bavin, Oblate Master, conducts a four-night retreat for oblates every January.

Dom Anselm Shobrook, Master of the Companions of Our Lady & St John, conducts an annual quiet day and a number of quiet mornings for the companions throughout the year.

Each year, a member of the Community leads a quiet day for the Friends of Alton Abbey.

All these events are open to the appropriate members of the abbey community only.