By Car

Our postcode is GU34 4AP

Warning to SatNav users

  • if you put the postcode GU34 4AP into your gizmo it will take you into the Jardinique garden centre. Make sure you turn into the Abbey opposite instead!
  • some visitors have noticed that their SatNav fails on Medstead Rd as it is at the bottom of a deep, wooded valley. Take a copy of the written directions just in case.
Welcome to Alton Abbey

Alton may be approached from the M3, A31 and A339.

From the A339, take the exit for Beech onto Medstead Rd and follow the long hill for 2 miles. Do not turn into Wellhouse Rd at the “Church” sign; it refers to St Peter’s, the local parish church, which is nowhere near the Abbey! Likewise, do not be distracted by the grand, gated entrance of “Priory House”; it is a private residence, unassociated with the Abbey.

As you finally crest the hill you will exit the tree-line and the first thing you will see is a pair of 40mph speed signs and a large green sign for “Jardinique” garden centre on the left-hand-side of the road. Directly opposite the latter is the Gatehouse for the Abbey. You will see a large red-and-white sign for the Abbey once you are nearer the off turn. There is ample parking space at the end of the short driveway.

Sometimes, for large events, we use an adjacent field or Jardinique’s driveway for parking. Please watch out carefully for white signs on the road telling you whether to turn into the Abbey or into Jardinique, opposite. There is usually someone at the gate to help direct traffic so please follow any further instructions he gives you!

We allow only disabled, blue-badge holders to park in the Abbey at large events so please wave them out of your window at the gate attendant and he’ll let you in. Square pieces of plain blue card do not count, so don’t try that again! If you are not a blue-badge holder but have significant mobility problems, please let the attendant know and he’ll let you in too.

Public Transport

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The nearest railway station is Alton (AON) about four miles away. It is at the end of a branch line from London Waterloo.

National Rail Enquiries          The Trainline          Red Spotted Hanky          Split Your Ticket


There is a taxi-rank and taxi-office at Alton Railway Station.

Listing of local taxi companies


If you used to use the Stagecoach No. 28 service, then please note that it is no longer running!

As of 30 Oct 2011 there is no useful, regular bus service that serves Alton Abbey. However, please check out the replacement service, Stagecoach Route 13 (Basingstoke – Alton), as things may change.

At the time of writing (December 2011), the only service that stops at the Abbey is the No. 613 Schools Service (i.e. term-time only, no weekends) but open to the general public. There are only two buses a day, each one-way:

  • Depart Basingstoke Bus Station at 7.40 a.m. – Arrive at Abbey circa 8.15 a.m. – Continues to Alton High St.
  • Depart Alton High St. at 2.55 p.m., – Arrives at Abbey circa 3.15 p.m. – Continues to Basingstoke Bus Station.

In each case you will need to ask for “Beech Abbey”, not “Beech, Wellhouse Rd.”, as the latter will leave you with a one-mile, uphill trek to the Abbey! The “Beech Abbey”, unmarked request-stop is directly outside the Abbey Gatehouse.


The Abbey is not far off the National Cycle Network Route 23. The nearest exits are at Medstead & Alton Butts.