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Regular worshippers and others who would like to support the work of Alton Abbey are invited to do so by making a regular financial commitment to support the Community. On either side of this page we have listed the very many ways you can support us. Please have a browse and consider your response prayerfully.

Thank you.

Money Matters

Alton Abbey Church SketchThe historic buildings of Alton Abbey are of considerable architectural interest; but, by the same token, they are mostly old and expensive to maintain in good repair. Keeping those buildings provided with heat and light and other costs associated with our charitable endeavours increases greatly each year. The cost of funding and maintaining the operation of Alton Abbey was (in 2011) £640.25 per day! The current project is to raise sufficient funds to improve access to the buildings, and bathroom facilities, for those with mobility difficulties.

The Abbey has only a modest endowment, which produces annual investment income of approximately £11,000.00. The Retreat House and Alton Abbey Supplies Ltd produce a modest surplus of approximately £50,000.00 each year; other services provided by the community contribute approximately £25,000 each year. Voluntary donations and grants make up the shortfall on our out-goings. The Abbey is outside the parochial structure of the Church of England and receives no funding from the diocesan or provincial church. We are, in consequence, dependent on charitable contributions and donations to meet the ever-increasing cost of maintaining and refurbishing the fabric of the buildings and updating the facilities. Costs increase year by year, and we are all encouraged regularly to review our financial commitments.

Your donation means that we are able to carry on with our work here at the Abbey and we are most grateful to you for your kindness and generosity. However, if you are a tax payer and feel able to complete and return the Gift Aid form on the website, we can reclaim tax from the revenue. For example for every £10.00, we are able to reclaim a further £2.50 from the revenue. This means that we can “grow” any gift aided donation by 25% at no additional cost to yourselves.

Gift Aid Form (repeating donations)

Gift Aid Form (single donation)

The detail and amount of any charitable donation is treated as confidential. Should the financial circumstances of any regular donor alter, the amount given can be amended easily to reflect the change.