Fr. Nicholas

Give thanks to God for the life of

the Reverend Dom Nicholas Seymour O.S.B.

Monk of Alton Abbey

Born 20 October 1939

Professed 21 March 1987

Ordained Deacon 1 November 1996

Ordained Priest 20 June 1997

Died peacefully at 9.10a.m. on 9 July 2016

Please pray for the repose of his soul.


( Details for the funeral will be posted at a later date.)

21 thoughts on “Fr. Nicholas”

  1. Fr Nicholas was the first person I met when I first went to the Abbey. He became my bosom friend and he was a very close friend of Wendy and my children, Jonathan and Helen. He assisted at Wendy’s funeral when he knew that I had met Margaret, eho was to be my new wife, she was welcomed with that wonderful warmth that Nicholas radiated. He was a lovely, lovely man, a realfriend and brother.

  2. Servant of God, well done!
    Rest from thy loved employ.
    The battle fought, the victory won;
    Enter thy Master’s joy!

    Thanks be to God for Dom Nicholas, and thank-you, Fr Nicholas, for the privilege of knowing such an exemplary priest and monk.

  3. On my first retreat at Alton Fr Nicholas told me that the only rule there was ,’You’re welcome”.
    I remember a quiet, intelligent, warm man whose commitment to God was there for all to see.

    1. Malcolm, we give thanks for all the wonderful contacts Father Nicholas made during his thirty years with us. That twinkle is remembered by so many people; but it had been fading gradually as the result of his dementia.

  4. I first met Nicholas in 1988 when our parish priest, an oblate of Alton, took a group of us to the abbey for a parish quiet day. I had a chat with Nicholas afterwards and there followed a 28 year friendship, sadly truncated by his illness in recent years. He became a great friend and spiritual guide to my mother in her later years, a friendship sweetened by their mutual love of Jane Austen, and he took her funeral in 2003. A blessing and privilege to have known him. May he rest in peace and rise with Christ in glory.

  5. I have known Nick from university, he was of my late wife Helen’s best friend along with Maureen, also deceased. If these 3 meet in Heaven it will never be the same again but ringing to gales of laughter.
    He was marvellous with children, married my son and christened my granddaughter in the abbey. For many years he came to us on every holiday. It was so sad when he was no longer able to come. I shall miss him greatly.

    1. Until the dementia took Nick’s language away, he often used to reminisce about Helen and Maureen; life was never quite the same for him once they had gone, despite the steady background presence of Loreto Todd.

  6. I am so saddened by the loss of a true, true friend, with me through thick and thin, as our children grew up, and as life changed. A wonderful Godfather to Clare. Lovely memories of good Norn Iron crack , and of walks around the Limavady area, where he grew up and had such strong friendships; The Knowles family, Mike, Helen, Dorothy and his teaching colleagues, to name just a few. A special thanks to all at Alton Abbey, who always made me welcome as one of Nick’s friends. Thanks especially for all your care for him as he became ill.

  7. My husband and I have known and loved Nicky since our days in Limavady Grammar School , and for myself as a member of Christ Church Limavady . He was a very gifted teacher and such a loss to the profession when he assumed his religious calling . Every year thereafter he visited us when he returned “home ” to Limavady. We looked foreward to the postcards announcing his arrival . His visits were such a delight and our four children loved his stories , especially the ghost ones . Such an intelligent man with a wide range of interests . Even our cat and dog recognised his kind nature as they jostled for a space on his knee ! We were very sad on his last visit when we noticed his frailty and knew that such meetings were coming to an end . A truly Christian man , we will miss him . Janet and Bruce Thompson.

  8. We met Father Nicholas some 20+ years ago. Every visit he and I would talk books, what we were reading, and what was on our list. In latter times it was invariably “We Need to Talk about Kevin – have you read it?” I feel I have lost a very good and loyal friend, and a special place in my heart . May he rest in peace, and rise in glory.

    Heaven will be welcoming a very special man.

  9. He was one of a kind, a born teacher, who wore his erudition lightly and was great fun to know. I will always treasure the time and care he devoted to me in his capacity as novice master. I think he knew it was not for me before I did but he was too savvy a soul to let this get in the way of what he had impart. Rest in peace Father.

  10. Nicholas was a great joy in the lives of both myself and my late business partner Anthony Saxton. We loved the spiritual direction, the humour and the ability to talk brilliantly about literature from beloved Jane Austen to detective thrillers. Anthony is now buried at Alton and will be welcoming Nicholas into heaven for renewed conversations and fellowship.

  11. I first met Dom Nicholas whilst he was testing his vocation at Nashdom Abbey. It was providential he opted to live the Benedictine life at Alton. He was part of that core community that saw Alton survive, whilst others fell away. As a monk and later a priest he was consumed with one primary idea. Serving as Guest Master brought him into contact with all who passed through the monastery. He had his own way of filtering out would be guests who he thought not desirable? To those staying at the Abbey he was kind and had a twinkle in his eye. Others knew him as an expert on the works of Jane Austin.
    His ministry was rounded off with a long Good Friday. That being accomplished, the Beatific Vision is now surely his.
    His life can be summed up ‘He was a real monk’

  12. Bro. Nicholas spent part of his holidays and most of his monthly days off with us. We tried to do interesting things with him and take him to interesting places – for which he was always grateful though I suspect he was just as happy doing the round of Winchester bookshops, second hand and new. He and I ( Pat ) went to the prison on a regular basis where we sang hymns and he spoke to, often large, groups of men in the chapel. You could have heard a pin drop! As recently as late May he responded enthusiastically, with his eyes, when I mentioned the good times we had ‘inside’.

  13. Mr Seymour as I knew him at Limavady Grammar School was one the kindest teachers. We were trying pupils at times but I looked forward to his classes. I have loved reading about his life after he entered the Abbey which incidentally was the year after I had him as my English teacher. He had a lovely dry wit and was never cruel. Requiesce in pace

  14. I have known Nicholas for over 60 years and over those years we had many cups of tea and chats..he and my late mother Olive were great friends. He was a wonderful man, a unique man. and we shall not see his like again. He will be terribly missed…

    It was a privilege for me to know him.

  15. I first met Brother Nicholas about 25 years ago and as guest master he always made me feel very welcome at Alton Abbey. I have memories of his kindness, gentleness, insight and wisdom. He was full of the Holy Spirit, a great Christian man, and being with him made you feel a great sense of peace and just a little closer to heaven. That’s where you are now my friend, may you rest in peace and rise in glory. I feel so blessed to have met you.

  16. Brother Nicholas was my next door neighbour, teacher and friend in Limavady. I was saddened to hear of his passing. What a lovely tribute to a learned, kind soul. We give thanks indeed.

  17. An absolute honour to he known this true gentleman.A fountain of knowledge and an inspiration to all who met him in his life here on earth. As my English tutor from the period,1969-1976 it was obvious that he is not found his true vocation. That, it seems was achieved through his spiritual devotion. Taken from us much too soon. He had so much more to give to everyone.May he now rest in peace zin a place he knows best. Thank you sir for everything and then some

  18. An honour and privilege to judge known Brother Nicholas.A true inspiration for life’s journey and a founding of literary knowledge, never to be equalled.
    I am carrying thwtbe found his true vocation in life, thought his fitting to God. His Christian ethics were so clear to see. Truth from us much before his time, but I am sure they he has found his true path on his journey
    A pleasure to have known you sir

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