Fr Abbot and the Chapter have reviewed the communities Opus Dei. Please find the altered schedule here.


6.30: Angelus and Meditation

7.00: Morning Prayer & Prayers of Union

8.00: Breakfast

9.00: Conventual Mass (Mondays to Saturdays)
followed by Coffee

10.00: Conventual Mass (Sundays)
followed by Coffee

12.30: Midday Prayer

13.00: Dinner

16.45: Evening Prayer
followed by Conference in Chapter House

18.00: Supper

19.30: Night Prayer on Sundays throughout the year

19.30: Night Prayer
Monday to Saturday during the months
of Guesthouse closure

20.00: Personal Prayer
(except during months of Guesthouse closure)

20.00: Exposition until after Night Prayer
(Saturdays only throughout the year)

20.30: Night Prayer (Mondays-Saturdays
except during months of Guesthouse closure)