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Alton Abbey Incense

We are pleased to offer our incense to cathedrals, churches, chapels and retreat houses. The company is wholly owned and managed by the Anglican Benedictine community of monks at Alton Abbey (The Order of Saint Benedict at Alton Abbey is a Registered Charity no. 229216). This work has been a part of the community’s witness and work since 1980.

For thousands of years incense has been used in liturgy and worship with monks of all persuasions involved in its production. Here at Alton the monks have supplied a range of incense grains for ecclesiastical use since 1895, using blended aromatic gums and flower oils from around the world. Recent production has focused on Rosa Mystica, a sweet scent of traditional blooms, now appreciated internationally.


Madonna Incense Alton Abbey

Most exciting – we are now producing Madonna. Older visitors may remember it as the heady scents of early spring. Both recipes are unique to the abbey and produced on site. In continuing this long-standing tradition, we share with you the power of scents to help us focus on the needs of ourselves and the world as we pray, each day, in the Benedictine tradition of the daily office.

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‘let my prayers come before you like incense,’ Psalm 142