This is collection of thoughts intended to help newcomers contribute to the Alton Abbey website.

The site is based on the popular blogging software ‘WordPress’. There is extensive online documentation for this so the answer to your question may be there.

When you have your editor’s account and log in an extra bar at the top of the webpage will appear. You can now alter the website.

Interesting things you may want to do are edit/add a post, an event, some media, or a page. These are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Post. These appear in chronological order on the front page. It may be a few words and a picture, or a wall-of-text. Either way it will display correctly. Please be sure to have agreement from the house before publishing. This may be an arrangement to produce some content, or constructing a draft and presenting it for review.

Event. A community calendar. Appears on the left of the front page. Important things which many people should know about.

Media. This is for uploading photos and any other sort of file to be later used on the site. Anyone who makes the effort with a camera can upload some of their work, so wordsmiths have it as a resource for illustration. (pdf documents are also useful.)

Pages (1). As well as the front page blog, the site has a number of plain web pages. You can edit anything you see. Please do fix any speeling mistakes, please do not do anything which may alter the intent of what is presented without permission from the house.

Pages (2). You can create a new page anytime. Like this page it will not appear in the menu system. A link to it may be provided from any existing page or it may be given more prominence in the main menu.

Pages (3). The Oblates, Companions, and Friends each have their own password-protected areas of the site. These areas are not visible to the casual visitor and are not subject to the rule of the main website. Content which would be deemed either too boring or too liberal elsewhere is ok here.

General editing guidelines. This is a good work flow: edit->preview changes->edit again->…->edit again->preview->it is right!->Publish.

Media guidelines (1). For uploaders. Please give your file a meaningful name, ‘160709_descriptive_text.pdf’ is good, ‘new document 1.doc’ is not so helpful. If possible please reduce the size and quality of media to suit web presentation.

Media guidelines (2). For writers. ‘Add Media’ lets you put some photo or pdf into your text. You will probably want to change the way a link is presented. Click on the new (green) link text, and then the little pencil, and then the cog-wheel…after that you will be good to go. (This makes more sense in practice than in theory.)

Backups. Every page has a revision history and may be reverted to any point in its existence. So mistakes can easily be undone. Furthermore the entire website is backed up on a weekly basis. This gives confidence that work will not be lost in an error of human or computer origin.