Its never too early to order your Christmas cards

Dom Anselm has once again painted a stunning designThe Magi 14
for our Christmas card – The Magi. We hope you will be as
delighted with it as we are.
The card is A6 size as before, but landscape shape.
Packs of 10 will continue to be in a single slip case.

Once again we are having them printed very early, so that we can give you the information with this mailing; and, as previously, they will be on view, and on sale, on St Benedict’s Day. The cost this year is the same as before: 50p each, or packets of 10 for £5 with postage: 6 0p per packet of 10
We have had to put postage up a little this year in view of the increase in the cost of stamps.If you will be visiting the Abbey and would like to collect cards, (saving the post cost) do let me know and I will make sure they are available for you to pick up.

Please do contact me for them, I am very happy to post them to you, at any time.
Send a cheque made out to “Friends of Alton Abbey”, with your name and address,
to “Christmas Cards”, FOAA, Alton Abbey, Beech, Alton, GU34 4AP