Guest House Closed

The Guest House will be Closed from – Thursday 1st December 2016 – until – Wednesday 1st February 2017.   As the birth of our Blessed Lord approaches this time allows the brethren to join in the waiting for the coming of the Messiah Mark 13:33-37 33 Beware, keep alert; for you do not know when […]

Iconography, Gesso & Gilding Weekend

Icon painting is a meditative, prayerful, and somewhat ritualized art form, in which the materials and processes as well as the image have symbolic meaning.   “God’s whole creation gathers to create the icon, in the form of the all-natural animal, vegetable, and mineral products used for the board, gilding, painting, and oiling.”  “A blessed […]

Companions of Our Lady & St John

Companions Morning First of a series of mornings set aside for the Companions of Our Lady & St John Only. Led by Dom Anselm Shobrook OSB, with invited speakers leading discussion and prayer. Saturday 18th February / 1st April / 25th June / 19th August / 28th October / Saturday 3rd December Mass at 9am, […]

Oblates Retreat

The dates for Oblates Retreat will be – Monday 13th February (meet at 16.00) – Friday 17th February (depart after lunch) And 21st August (meet at 16.00) – 26th August (depart after lunch) Opportunity for Oblates to meet for a week of Benedictine silence and prayer with daily addresses led by TBC ?. Only available […]