St Benedict’s Day Sermon, 11 July 2014

preached in the Abbey Church by our Oblate Father Rod Cosh.

Thank you Father Abbot for inviting me to preach. It is a fearsome honour. As I promised you I will not preach for more than 40 minutes. We have agreed that if Dom Giles feels the sermon is going on too long he is at liberty to get his sandwiches out. IMG_0202
Talking to an older person the other day in the Deanery, I said that I had been asked to preach at Alton today, to which she replied, ‘What are you preaching at Alton Towers for?’
This rather took me aback. I’ve only ever been to Alton Towers once some time ago. I remember we went as a family with friends who lived nearby. The kids loved it, I suffered it, and Pam held the coats.
One of the rides there is called ‘Oblivion’. This is what Alton Towers says about the ride: ‘Face your fears. You know you shouldn’t look down, but you won’t be able to stop yourself taking a peek at the colossal vertical. Oblivion is the world’s first vertical drop roller-coaster, it will thrust you on a journey to discover your real self. As it plunges you face forward 60 metres into the depths of hell, you will ask yourself why you are there?… and will you come out of the other side? … a physical and psychological rite of passage has been completed!’

Ring any bells?
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