My Brothers at Alton Abbey and I welcome you to this website. Through all the differing aspects of information technology, Anglican monastic and religious life has ceased to be what a former Archbishop of Canterbury referred to as ‘the best-kept secret of the Church of England’. Since the traditional communities are a fragile treasure in the Lord’s storehouse, we are greatly heartened by the interest evinced by those who express their concern or curiosity by electronic means having learnt something of our activities through the internet. It is our hope that the information you find on this site, and any other contact you may have with us, shall enrich your insight into the monastic life, and enhance your own faith journey. May God aid and bless us all.

+Giles Hill O.S.B. Abbot


In the light of the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19, the Community at Alton Abbey are taking the following reasonable and proportionate measures to protect the health of all who worship in the Abbey Church.

You will find no holy water in the stoups at the entrances to the Abbey Church. There will be no Sprinkling with Holy Water after Night Prayer. If you wish to have some holy water for your home use, please speak with the Abbot or the Prior.

There will be no sharing of the Peace by handshake or other physical sign. After the people respond to the Celebrant’s proclamation of the Peace, we will move straight to the Preparation of the Table.

You are welcome to receive the consecrated wine from the chalice by sipping it. If you are not comfortable with receiving the consecrated wine in this way, please pass quietly by the minister bearing the chalice. There will be no Intinction (dipping the host into the chalice).

The Priest and Server will use hand sanitiser (Isopropyl Alcohol Spray) before preparing the bread and wine for consecration.

These precautions are a temporary measure, until advice changes from the central church and the Health Protection Agency.

Alton Abbey Incense

Incense – Alton Abbey

You can now order our incense online https://shop.altonabbey.com. We have five different incenses to choose from: Madonna Festival Rosa Mystica Special St Martin De Porres

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